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ISBN: 978-1-934907-19-1
Year: 2013
Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Cover Type: Hardcover jacketed


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Boston: A Photographic Portrait Boston: A Photographic Portrait III

Tom Croke, Photographer
Sara Day, Writer

The City of Boston is the cornerstone of American history. Since its beginnings in 1630, this vibrant and historically significant place has evolved as a leader in education, finance, medicine, and culture.
Boston is a city of great thinkers, great artists, great writers, and great visionaries—a reputation that started with its founding and continues today.
The diversity of the city can be found in its neighborhoods. From the North End to South Boston, each community brings with it its own unique cuisine, culture, and traditions, meshing Boston into one of the most interesting places on earth. Add to that, an unquenchable sportsfan base, and it’s easy to see why this is such a desirable place to live and to work.
Photographer Tom Croke has been capturing the energy of this wonderful region for decades. With his keen eye and deep fondness for the city, Tom reintroduces
Boston in the pages of this book with the color, clarity, and creativity that make it shine.

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