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ISBN: 978-1-885435-78-1
Year: 2007
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
Cover Type: Hardcover


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Columbus, Ohio: A Photographic Portrait

Randall Lee Schieber Photographer

Photographer Randall Schrieber's view of Columbus is clearly of a bustling metropolis of lights and open spaces where the visual and performing arts flourish. Each of the images of the city's skyline include a creative point of interest against skies of blue or illuminated nights.  From the gardens of Columbus Park of Roses, Inniswood Metro Gardens and the topiary interpretatioms of a Seurat painting, to architectural elements like the Union Station Arch, and the Veteran's Memorial, or the unique sculptures, Navstar in Franklin Park and the "Field of Corn" in Dublin, Schrieber's photos of Columbus' public parks portray the integral part of the arts in their lush and people friendly grounds. Multi-cultural festivals captured on film reflect the ancestry that is evident throughout the city. A city of sporting events, historic architecture, museums, and concert halls, this book shares every element.


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